Special Effects Make Up

Special Effects Make Up


It is really so much FUN to get a Fake bullet hole on the forehead or a nasty scrape on the cheek! Go for a gash on the arm it doesn’t hurt a bit! Kids love to scare their mums! Special FX Make up can be the most entertaining make up of all, great for a Halloween party as the wounds and bruises can go anywhere on the face and body. Looks REAL and gives real SHOCK value. (SPFX Blood tastes like peppermint and is safe if ingested). Great for Halloween parties and Zombie dress ups!


Contact Richelle to arrange Amplified Artistry’s SP FX Makeup at your next event!


Richelle at Amplified Artistry mainly does small scale Special Effects Make up but is capable of full bloodied bodies if required for film etc. Please call/text/email to enquire further.


Book us for:

  • For all your special occasions and fun eclectic events.
  • Adult masquerade parties / Fancy dress parties etc
  • Suitable for children