Amplified Artistry Team


About our friendly team of face painters


Richelle is a mother herself, the owner, operator of Amplified Artistry. She is a make up artist and been in the business for over 10 years.


Amplified Artistry only hires professional artists out to you who have been trained by Richelle herself or those who have trained specifically for large events and can paint faces and bodies in fast paced, high pressure environments with stunning and Amplified results.

Working with large crowds and large numbers of children in high pressure environments like the Royal Shows, all Amplified Artists have an Amplified style of face painting and body artistry that will not disappoint. See our Sydney team in action at the Royal Easter Show when we combine with Fabulous Facepainting from Adelaide!

Griselda Amplified Artistry

Our purpose of face painting is to inspire, while being inspired and to make people happy. It takes an everyday person and taps into his or her hearts desires – to be a superhero or a princess or a tiger! We truly believe face painting is artistry that has no boundaries and is as original as the face that is painted. We love that face painting is two-dimensional art put on a three-dimensional canvas that moves, sings, roars, laughs and even cries!


We have a large range of Amplified designs from simple to detailed. Richelle only uses and encourages her artists to use professional premium brand body paint products that are suitable for sensitive skin. All artists endeavour to maintain safety standards with our paint products and materials and all products used are up to date with current standards and quality.

Working with children Richelle and her team have been police checked and Richelle is proud of her work practices which demonstrate her integrity, cleanliness, health and safety for all her customers.


Richelle and her team have worked at a lot of large scale events such as The Sydney Royal Easter Show, The Royal Melbourne Show, The Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour, Kidtopia Festival, The Indian Colour Festival of Holi, some Muslim Ramadan and Eid Festivals, some Church, School and Uni fetes along with various large corporate Christmas events.


Richelle or an Amplified Artist from her team are available for your children’s birthday party, daycare parties, christenings etc, shop openings, community or corporate events and market days.

Amplified Artistry Team