Amplified Adult Face Painting



We offer Masterful Amplified face and body painting services for young and old clients at birthday parties, corporate functions, fetes, fundraisers, cultural days, food festivals and special events.

  Halloween Make Up/ Private One on One booking  (Theatrical make up)

30 minutes – 1 hour per person (depending on design).
Skulls, Mad Hatters, Day of the dead, Vampires, Zombies, Mystical creatures and Avatars! If it’s not listed, then just ask what’s possible!
The booking is inclusive of all travel expenses, set up and materials.

Book us for:

  • For all your special occasions and fun eclectic events.
  • Adult masquerade parties / Fancy dress parties etc
  • Halloween party
  • Turning 30 and need to Amplify your party?
  • Want to WOW your guests?

Hire a professional Amplified Make Up Artist, not just for little kids!