Frequently Asked Question’s

Amplified Artistry’s Covid-19 structure

We are making sure we follow strict new guidelines to keep everyone safe: – We can only paint those that are well! Unfortunately we are unable to paint anyone that may appear to have a runny nose, cough, fever etc. This applies to the painter too, we will only send painters that are well and have not been in contact with anyone that is/has been sick. – Keeping everything clean and sanitised! We will wash/sanitise our hands between painting each child, as well as wiping down any surface that has been touched. All children need to have a clean face and hands before they sit in our chair. – Keeping brushes and sponges clean. A single sponge is used per load and will not be reloaded after touching the face, a sponge that has touched the face will be put away to be thoroughly cleaned or disposed of after the party. Brushes will be washed thoroughly between dipping in our paints and seperate brushes will be uses where possible.

Seperate water will be used for cleaning brushes and loading brushes. Paints will be misted with Isopropal alcohol after each person who has face painting.

Face Painters will be required to wear a mask where and if necessary. – We follow safe distance rules by making sure that the artist stays 2 metres away from anyone that is not being painted. The painter will set up to paint one child at a time and have the child facing away from the paints and brushes.

Do you dress up?

No not usually, I prefer to concentrate on make-up or face painting. Others can be referred if required.



Only basic ballooning provided upon request and usually as a time filler. I prefer to concentrate on make-up or face painting. Others with more extensive twisting skills can be referred if required.


When do you arrive at the party?

Your artist will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time to set up. A nearby parking spot would be very much appreciated. Please provide a shaded area approximately 1.5 to 2 meters for our set up and for guests to wait.


What paints do you use?

We only use quality water-based, hypo-allergic FDA approved paints. They are easy to wash off and gentle on the skin. We use body paint brands TAG, Ben Nye, Superstar, Chameleon, Aquacolour, Kryolan, Mehron and Global face paints. We use Amerikan Pixie Paint Face & body glitter gels, hand made gem clusters and specially formulated body glue for glitter tattoos. These products are skin friendly, non-toxic and easy to remove. Our paints are formulated to be safe for sensitive skins and contain an SPF 10. The glitters we use are designed specifically for face painting/ make up. They’re rounded poly- glitter and unlike craft glitter, which has sharp edges. Our poly glitter doesn’t cause damage to the eyes or other soft skin tissues.  Some glitters we have dissolve and are environmentally friendly.


How do I remove the paint after the event?

To Remove paint: We recommend warm water, a little soap on a damp dark coloured cloth. Lather soap and water on the face in a circular motion to loosen the paint on the face or body part. Rub softly with a dark coloured face washer/cloth, rinse paint and soap away with the face washer and warm water. Some colours may stain the skin slightly. If this occurs simply repeat above instructions or try applying sorbolene creme or mild baby oil or eye makeup remover on a cotton pad, leave for 10 minutes then rinse again to remove residue. Make up wipes and baby wipes work well too.


Do you have insurance, a WWC number and an ABN?

All Amplified Artistry artists have a Working With Children Check, as well as Public Liability Insurances

Amplified Artistry’s ABN  is 72534250013


What are your rates?

Please see more info on Prices Page


Do you paint for charity or not for profit events?

We happily support non-for-profit & charity events.  Unfortunately we are not able to support ALL events, however please contact us to discuss your requirements and budget.


What areas do you travel to?

Anywhere!  Our primary area is the Bankstown region Sydney NSW, however for a specified travel fee, Richelle will travel to Bathurst and Mudgee Regions (Lithgow and Blue Mountains etc).


How soon should I book?

To ensure booking availability, we recommend you book as soon as you know what you are doing. At least 1 – 2 months prior to your event is preferable, 3 – 4  months if its high season such as festive spring/summer season.


Do I need to pay a Booking fee or deposit?

A non refundable booking fee is asked and is required to cover booking administration costs encase of cancellations by customer. Remaining fees are either paid in full at time of booking fee payment or at the completion of your party.

Do you have a minimum booking time and how many faces can you book in one hour?

We require a minimum booking of 1 hour.  On average we can paint upto 22-25 faces in an hour if children are lined up ready to go and know what they want to have painted as soon as they sit down. But it is not always easy to have all kids so well behaved in line ready so we recommend booking 2 hours as a minimum. Younger children will need the 2 hour minimum.


Is the paint safe for children?

It is cosmetic grade, FDA and EU approved, non toxic and hypoallergenic.  It is suitable for most children over the age of 3 years.. for children under the age of 3, we will paint on their hand or arm or their face at the parent/carer or painter’s discretion.


What if my child has sensitive skin and reacts to face paint?

Patch testing’ is available on request. A small amount of paint will be placed on the inside of the arm and left for at least 1/2 hour, after which time we can determine whether your skin is likely to react to further application of the product. Richelle has never had a child react, however if this is to happen please contact us immediately and seek medical advice.


My child recently had a cold.  Can you still paint their face?

Amplified Artistry will stay away from running noses and eyes. But can paint small cheek art on the clean cheek. Amplified Artistry will refuse painting any customer that shows signs of skin allergy and or infections, such as cold sores, conjunctivitis, sty’s, chicken pox etc. For the safety for all customers and to avoid cross contamination.


Who we turn away…

We want face painting to be enjoyable and fun, if a child is upset and unwilling to sit in the chair and co-operate or clearly does not actually want face painting, we will just kindly ask that that child might come back after 10 minutes or so.


What are your hygiene practices?

Our paints have antibacterial properties in them and periodically during the job they are misted lightly with an antiseptic antibacterial solution by the artist. We regularly change our water and have an organic sanitising solution in the water containers that is used to wash the brushes regularly. Sometimes Isocol is used if organic sanitizer is not available. Sponges and Brushes are all clean at the commencement of the job (Some are “stained” from previous dark coloured paints used but are washed and rinsed clean) Sponges are cleaned two different ways upon reaching the artists home that evening in two different cleansing solutions and left in the sunshine to dry where the sun’s natural UV rays kill any further contaminants. Sponges are generally replaced with new ones fairly often. Brushes are our most important tool and are cleansed and shaped with industry standard brush cleaners, conditioners and solutions. Hand sanitisers are used in between clients.


My child got paint on their clothes, will you replace them?

Amplified Artistry will not accept any responsibility for damage done to clothes and or property. All our paints are activated by moisture so will reactivate and loosen when wet…Try mixing your washing powder into a paste with water and letting it sit for a few minutes before hand washing in cold water!


What is your refund policy?

We understand that ‘life’ happens but please note that all cancellations are to be received by Amplified Artistry as soon possible to the event. Cancellations upto 24 hours prior to the event will be charged the booking fee. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior will be still charged in full. The decision to cancel due to bad weather can be discussed on the day however we can generally continue indoors depending on the venue. If you feel there may not be such an alternative, we would appreciate if you contact us before we are due to arrive on site otherwise full charges will still apply.